​My First Rig: A 6.0 Neil Pryde Garda on a BIC 350
Back in the 1990's I did race
But always prefered this (jumping)
And this, sailing in Tropical Storms. (Huricane Nicole)
an occastional sail skate sesh
I started windsurfing in 1986.  
Windsuring has been a major driving force in my life surpased only by my relationship with my wife and the gift she gave me of Farriss and Sammy, my two boys.  Windsurfing has dictated where I chose to live, what I drive, and even where I work. 
Camelot Knight 
Windsurfing Maria at Bell Isle
Windsurfing Maria
Windsuring Jose
Windsuring Tropical Storm 10
tune up with a dolphin
Windsuring Bell Isle Beach Club
Windsurfing Monday
Windsurfing York Point
Windsurfing Buckroe May 4th
Buckroe Birthday Windsurfing Session
EAster at Fort Monroe
Windsurfing Wednesday at Buckroe
windsurfing the remnants of Julia
Hermine session TWO
Hermine Session one
Sunset SUP sail from Cherry stone
School Yards with the D-MAN
Windsurfing Buckroe June 17th 2016
Windsurfing POC
Second Windsurfing Ses of 2016
And one of my Favorite Videos dedicated to my windsurfing Mentor David Kashy    Friends Windsurfing
My First Go Pro Video
A video of getting Hassled by the COPs in Fantastic Friday
a video about the joy of Surfing
and this video is a picture montage od Ole School  WINDSURFING